Saturday, January 18, 2014

Transplanted Half Moons to Aluminum Foot Shell Doors for Droid #2

Today I worked on moving the resin half moon pieces from the plastic A&A foot shell doors to the aluminum foot shell doors for droid #2.

Each resin half moon piece is held in from the back with three short #4-40 screws.

I removed all the half moon pieces.

While I could have drilled new holes through the aluminum foot shell doors and into the back of the half moon pieces, I decided to use the existing holes. I used the holes in the A&A door as a template for drilling the holes in the aluminum doors, by clamping the plastic A&A door to the aluminum door.

And then I drilled the three holes for an exact match.

Looking good.

I continued with the other three foot shell doors (another outer and two center doors).

And done.

I still need to make the strips that go above the half moons and the side panel details that go on either side of them.

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