Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make-A-Wish Event

Today R2 was part of a wish grant for a Make-A-Wish child. For the moment I need to be vague, but I'll have more to share soon. In the meantime, here's a picture by the Jedi Temple.

Update - October 25, 2013: Now that the embargo is over, I can tell you all about this event. It is connected to the blog entry here of October 25, 2013, so be sure to check that one out as well.

First, a video of this event that Make-A-Wish showed at their Gala event of the 25th can be seen here.

This event was staged for a Make-A-Wish child named Benton. Those of us who attended are now allowed to share pictures and post about it, as it is a Make-A-Wish PR event that has been fully cleared with the organization and the family. Make-A-Wish had a videographer there as well, to capture the whole thing. They only asked that we wait until part 2 of the event had taken place, as that was to be a complete surprise to Benton. With that said, on to the summary of the day.

Benton wished to be a Jedi Knight, and Rob Estrada of the Saber Guild gathered a representation of several Star Wars clubs to help pull the event together. Besides me supplying R2, we had the Saber Guild, Rebel Legion and 501st all represented. The location for the event was Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA, which doubles nicely for a Jedi Temple.

R2 and I arrived nice and early.

The characters headed to the auditorium and changed into costume, where Rob went over the plan for the event.

Once we knew what we were to do, we headed out to the curb for the arrival of Benton and his family, by limousine.

Benton, his older brother, and his parents were escorted inside to the auditorium, where Master Argus (Rob) explained that he heard that Benton wanted to be a Jedi. He explained what it took to be a Jedi, and Benton was taking it all in, and was determined. Benton and his brother were given lightsabers, and they left to go change into their Jedi tunics to begin their training.

The brothers returned, and Master Argus and Benton's mom helped fit them with their Jedi belts, as they prepared for their training.

Master Argus lead the boys through the basic Jedi lightsaber techniques, explaining the purpose of each.

Various Jedi and Sith also took the stage and demonstrated fighting techniques.

After the training had been completed, Benton and his brother had attained the rank of Padawan, and were given their braids, as we applauded. The group posed for pictures.

We headed back outside for a few more pictures. Give a couple kids some lightsabers and there's no stopping them. (Same with adults.)

Afterward we were treated to a pizza lunch.

Two hours after the event had started, I headed on out. On the way, I took a few more pictures of the interior and exterior of the building, which included a military tank(!) along the driveway.

We had achieved Benton's wish of becoming a Jedi, and the event was a huge success, and we were done.

Or were we??? To be continued here...


Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

incredible photos and what a great venue! so looks the part! So awesome you could do that for that child!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Ed! Totally happy that this took place near me and that I had this opportunity.