Sunday, April 07, 2013

Periscope Hardware Assembly

Time to do a little retroactive catching up on work I've been doing on the Periscope. This awesome piece of hardware and software comes courtesy of Michael Wheeler and Doug Dobyns, true artists of their craft.

I fired up the iPad, opened the hardware assembly document, and spread the parts out on the table.

The first step is to install the side lenses, using 2mm screws and washers.

Next, the front prism lens is put in place. It is held down by a pair of 1mm set screws from the inside.

The various shafts and gaskets go together quickly.

And here it is, the work of art, minus the painting and electronics.

I will need to take this all apart for painting, but I wanted to put it together at least once first to see how it looked, and to ensure I had all the parts, which I do.

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