Saturday, July 21, 2012

Additional R5 Dome Work

Nearing the finish line on the R5 dome, or so I think.

Yesterday I fixed the rear strut, it had been upside down. Now it's rightside up.

The red vinyl panels had annoying bubbles in them, so I peeled them back and re-smoothed them down.

Much better.

I used a hot glue gun to form a better bond between the neck ring and the main dome piece. Tomorrow I'll attach the dome ring the same way.

Lastly, I am replacing the rivet that holds the button snap in place with a longer one. I drilled a small hole in the new, longer rivet.

I used a poor-man's cotter pin to hold the rivet in place, everything fits nice and snug.

The last two items are to glue the dome ring back onto the neck ring, and do some small touch-up painting with a brush. Hopefully tomorrow.

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