Friday, June 01, 2012

R5 Panel Test

Well, the red R5-D4 panels that I painted yesterday had dried sufficiently that I decided to do a loose fit on the droid, at least for the panels that go on the front.

While the two vertical panels can rest in their frame pieces, the utility arm cutouts require some adhesive to go over the blue arms. Pulling a page from Mike Senna's playbook for the millionth time, I used museum putty, which is normally intended to help valuable stuff from falling over in case of an earthquake or similar shaking.

I put just a little bit on each end.

Well, he's starting to look a lot more like R5-D4.

Of course, the dome is missing most of the accouterments. I have the COM8 aluminum dome parts, and I need to drill a few holes to attach the main eyes, and I'll need to do a little more work to get the aluminum struts into their breadpans. I also need to attach the antenna, and replace the metallic paper on the neck ring with the real stuff.

Why do I have a feeling that will take at least as long as it took to get to this point?

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