Thursday, May 31, 2012

Painted R5 Body Panels

Painting time!

Well, first it's primer time. I applied two somewhat heavy coats of white primer to the R5 body panels that are to be painted red.

After allowing the primer to dry for about 45 minutes, I lightly sanded it smooth with 400 grit sand paper. I then used a moist paper towel to clean off the dust, followed by a dry paper towel to finish the cleanup.

Next, I started painting the body panels with Rustoleum Apple Red. I applied two coats, about 10 minutes apart.

After painting panels blue for so long, it's an interesting change of pace to go with red. It's also nice that it takes fewer coats of different colors to achieve the right look.

I waited 15 minutes, and then applied one coat of Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel clearcoat.

I'll let these dry overnight and if they're dry enough tomorrow, I may try a loose fit on the droid to see how they look.

1 comment:

James R5-D4 said...

Awesome!! Can't wait to start spraying mine up red :D