Saturday, March 17, 2012

WonderCon 2012 - Day 2

Day 2 of WonderCon in Anaheim, CA started off with Chris Romines and I heading to the "How to Build Your Own R2" panel that the R2 Builders were hosting, with Russell Rucker as photographer (thank you Russell!).

In Room 208 Chris and I were joined on stage by William Miyamoto, Michael McMaster and Mike Senna. I moderated the panel, and started with an overview of the R2 Builders Club, and then we dived into topics including tools, materials and electronics involved with building an R2 unit. We took many questions from the audience, and provided fairly informative, and at times amusing answers.

I'd guess about 100 people attended. Later, I was told that the audio was replayed on Sirius XM satellite radio. Several attendees told me they heard it in their cars(!).

After the panel concluded at 11:30am, Mike Senna decided it was time to have his WALL•E make his public debut. With Michael McMaster helping out, we hid behind a curtained-off area as the two WALL•E builders hooked WALL•E up and prepared to head out into the exhibition area. Mike's WALL•E is not quite done, but it is getting very close.

WALL•E rolled out and was an instant hit. It really was something to see. I'll check to see if I have video to post later.

Against what would be most peoples' better judgment, Mike let me control WALL•E for a little while. (There were no mishaps.) As cool as that was, I still have no plans to build a WALL•E of my own.

Mike, Michael and I took the opportunity to get my droid together with WALL•E for a picture of all of us.

Speaking of pictures of all of us, here is today's group photo. From left to right: Russell Rucker, Chris Romines, David Annetta, Max Cervantes, Victor Franco, Michael McMaster, Mike Senna, William Miyamoto, Kayla Miyamoto, Nikki Miyamoto (Zoe was running around nearby), Ken Stubbert and Gene Arena.

Model Adrianne Curry kindly posed for a photo with my droid.

The rest of the day was spent entertaining the crowd with lots o' droids!

One day left.


Joe said...

Pretty cool Victor! Pix were great.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Joe!