Sunday, January 01, 2012

Worked on Front Logics, Finished PSIs for Mike's Second Dome

Today I worked on the front logic harness and finished installing the PSIs for Mike's dome on his second droid.

My half-baked idea for the front logic harness is to leverage the mounting holes that are in the board. These holes align with the bezels, and in theory align with the holes in the aluminum surrounds that I drilled and tapped earlier. I drilled four holes through a piece of flat PVC to use as the main mounting board.

I then screwed in the bezels and surrounds from the back with two of the four mounting screws, and did a test-fit. My plan is/was to build a base that attaches the mounting board to the dome ring. The pieces for the base and supports have been cut and fit, but they have not been glued up yet.

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble getting the aluminum bezels perfectly lined up, so I've put this on the back burner for now. Instead, I worked on the PSIs. I cut two layers of partially opaque plastic to tape onto the inside of the dome for each PSI hole.

I also cut a round piece that gets taped halfway into the PSI pipes, to act as light diffusion.

Finally, I decided to use the PSI circuits I soldered up, rather than those that come include with the JEDI electronics, for a couple of reasons. First, I think mine will be brighter, and second, the PSIs with the JEDI system require the front logics to be set up, and I'm not there yet. Yes, I use masking tape to hold the small circuit board in place.

Not bad. The rear PSI looks to be in good shape as well. I loose-fitted the front logics in place just to see how they would look.

Not much time remains to work on this, as the week is about to get busy.

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