Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finished Wiring Up Rear PSI for Mike

Today I went by Mike's to finish wiring up the rear PSI for his second dome, and to pick up some dome parts (and the second dome itself), so I can continue work. I also wanted to check out his progress on the life form scanner on his first dome.

I got to work on getting the green LEDs soldered together. These are a pair of NTE part #30038 LEDs with a 100 ohm resistor.

Green works.

The yellow LEDs are of uncertain vintage. Mike had some in a bag, so we just guessed at typical specs (25 milliamps, 5 Vf, 2 in series). Mike suggested using a 100 ohm resistor with a pair of these yellow LEDs, so that's what I went with. One way or another, it works.

In the meantime, Mike was busy at work hooking up the car antenna that will serve as the mast for his droid's life form scanner. This involved dome hacking and other fun construction tasks. It's coming along nicely!

I'll try to get some more work done on the dome electronics for Mike's dome #2 soon.


podpad said...

It would be great if you could talk me through how you modded the car antenna to get it to fit in the dome. I am just about to do the same so any advice or extra info would be very welcome.

Victor Franco said...

Sorry, I can't help with the antenna stuff. That's Mike Senna's dome for his first droid. I'm working on the dome for his second droid, but I'm not doing the life form scanner with the antenna.