Monday, December 26, 2011

Drilled and Tapped Mike's Front Logic Surrounds

Today I returned to working on Mike's dome for his droid #2. This time, it was preparing the front logic surrounds for mounting.

These need to be drilled and tapped for a #6-32 screw. I taped down the bezels to the surrounds for use as a template to locate the four mounting holes.

I set the drill press stop to the proper depth, for the #36 (0.1065") drill bit I'm using.

Time to drill!

A short while later I had the four holes drilled for each surround.

Next up, tapping each hole with a #6-32 tap bit. I'm not very good at tapping, but it worked out fine.

A quick test-fit with the bezels on the surrounds, to make sure the alignment looks okay.

So far, so good.

And finally, a test on the front logic circuit itself. Again, things look good.

Hopefully I can start making progress on the housings for the various dome lights shortly.

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