Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tested Repaired Vantec Speed Controller

Back on May 14th, I had shown Matthew Henricks my failed Vantec RDFR23 speed controller. He thought the guys where he works at Orthodyne Electronics might be able to repair it, provided I funded a few replacement parts (H-bridges and capacitors). The other day I got the repaired speed controller back from Matthew.

I swapped out the speed controller I've been using since that time with the repaired one, temporarily making my messy wiring even messier.

With the foot motors unplugged, I pressed the stick on the transmitter and measured the voltage on the signals to each foot. It measured a nice, 12+ volts. Prior to the repair, I was only getting a maximum of five volts on one of the feet. (Try taking a picture while holding two leads on a multimeter, a camera, and moving the stick on a transmitter.)

Next, I hooked up the feet, and tried out driving the droid. Everything worked during the few minutes I drove it in the confined space of my entryway.

I took the repaired speed controller back out and swapped back in the other one, and closed up the droid. I will keep this repaired speed controller as either a backup for droid #1, or perhaps as a primary for droid #2, when he gets the R/C treatment.

Thanks Matthew and to your coworkers!

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