Monday, August 01, 2011

Finished U-Bolt Replacement Work

Tonight I wrapped up replacing the U-bolt that goes around the gas pipe on droid #2.

First, I finished cutting the notches that help with traction around the pipe.

Then, I pulled out the vertical rail, along with the old U-bolt, so that I could hack it off.

Unfortunately, this was the only way to remove the bolt. That nut just would not come off.

I then successfully installed the new U-bolt, along with the vertical rail. The legs are cut shorter on the bolt so that the electronics panel will clear it, and so a socket wrench can fit it. I will eventually file a flat spot on the pipe to help lock in the 36 degree angle at which R2 leans.

I also fixed another minor problem. When I installed the small block of wood that holds the roller switch that detects when the dome is centered, the drywall screws punched through the underside of the top plate of the frame, leaving a bit of a mess.

I removed the screws and cut them down a little. Those drywall screws are tough!

I reinstalled the shorter screws, cleaned up the wood splinters on the underside of the top plate of the frame, and used a black marker to conceal the area.

Still a few minor things left to do on droid #2.

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