Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Installed Electronics Panel

Tonight I had a chance to install and try out the electronics panel for droid #2. This time, I didn't blow anything up.

The dome drive wheel occasionally slips on the slick Rockler bearing, but otherwise things are working as expected. I'll probably lightly sand the inner perimeter of the Rockler bearing to see if that reduces the slippage.

Poor droid #1 is getting no love these days, but he gets all the cool gigs.


Jas/Jin/Ann/Der said...

Re: Slippage: What about putting a strip of grip tape on the inner ring (between the rockler and the rollerblade wheel), like what is on the top of skateboards? Just an idea.

Victor Franco said...

That is a good idea, and in fact I did apply masking tape on droid #1 to eliminate the slip, but masking tape does have a tendency to eventually tear and curl a bit after extended wear. I'll probably give the light-sanding approach a try first, but if that does not work, then I will certainly try tape of some sort.


Chris said...

Been there done that and regretted it.

My dome would slip and the squeak would drive me nuts. So I added some batting tape to the inside edge of the bearing, but it worked away too well with zero slippage. But the problem was the sudden stop would put an incredible amount on the motor, or more specific the gear box - and very quickly the geared were stripped.

So I removed the tape, and now the squeak doesnt bother me so much ;)


Anonymous said...

We have the exact same set up for the dome motor, down to the blue colored drive wheel. Maybe the tension spring needs to be stronger? I have one thats about 1/2" diameter and the coild wire is not thin either. If you pull back on the motor it snaps back with authority. I have slippage only on long rotations and then sudden reverse.
Could also be the tire. Maybe it has the thin cross section at the contact point with the bearing. Many scooter wheel tires come to a point to reduce drag on a scooter.


Victor Franco said...


This setup is also very similar to droid #1. Same wheel, same spring. Two differences are: 1) On droid #1 I ran the Dremel drum sander along the edge of the wheel to give it more surface area for contact with the bearing. I'm trying to avoid that for some unknown reason. 2) On droid #1 I have regular masking tape lining the inside of the bearing, for traction. Again, for some unknown reason I'm avoiding that.

I sanded the inside perimeter of the bearing tonight, and started testing. No sooner did I test then my stupid voltage regulator blew up again!!!! It is not mis-wired, it was working at Mike's and again last night for a while. It is Radio Shack junk, and/or I'm pumping too much current through it, it is turning a servo. It is rated for 1 amp.


Victor Franco said...

The Radio Shack LM7805 has been exonerated, I found that we soldered a decoupling capacitor in backwards the other day. I've replaced it and all is well... for now.

Also, after sanding the inner perimeter of the bearing, the dome wheel is no longer slipping... for now.