Friday, July 15, 2011

Attached Ankle Cylinder Holders, Installed Large Data Port

Tonight I pretty much finished up work on the legs by installing the ankle cylinder holders.

I'm using silicone to attach these to the very bottom of the ankle cylinders.

I simply pressed the parts in place, and I'll let them dry overnight.

Next, I worked on installing the large data port. It rests on the rib just above the top utility arm. I needed to remove the Rockler bearing in order to install the LDP.

I tried various approaches to taping this down. In the end, I used 3M Very High Bond tape on the top and bottom to secure the LDP to the frame.

You may not think so, but the bond is very strong. I was not able to wiggle the LDP out of place. I reattached the Rockler bearing, it rests just above the LDP and skins.

That pretty much fills out the last hole on the skins for droid #2. I still need to paint the screws that attach the skins white, and come up with a strategy for securing the back door. (I'm leaning towards magnets this time.) After that, I'll be able to install the rear power coupler.

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