Monday, June 20, 2011

Glued in Battery Harnesses, Pins for Harnesses on Droid #1, Glued on Covers for New Battery Terminals

Tonight I glued the the battery harnesses onto the battery boxes. I had intended to start putting together the whole droid, but I decided to do this first.

First, I made dots in pencil for where the harnesses belong, and then I lightly roughed-up the paint where the harnesses will be glued.

I used a relatively fresh tube of silicone, and applied a blob on the top and bottom parts of the harnesses, and glued the parts down.

I used a bent toothpick as a brush to apply silicone to the pins, to keep them from sliding out.

With any luck, these should be glued in nice and solidly in the morning.

Droid #1 has been running around for some time now with two pins missing from his battery harnesses, on the outer harness on each side. For shame.

I cut a couple of pins from the same 3/16" steel rod that I used for droid #2.

I fitted them in place, and applied the same silicone trick that I used with droid #2 on these pins.

Lastly, now that the new batteries for droid #1 are wired up, I decided to cover the terminals. As much as I love sparks on the grinder, I don't want to see any from my electronics.

I scrounged up some scrap pieces of PVC and glued them in place.


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