Thursday, May 19, 2011

LucasFilm Commercial Shoot

Today R2 did a real, officially sanctioned television commercial shoot for LucasFilm. I'm told it will be a very brief spot. I need to be intentionally vague and evasive as to what the commercial is for, but check back in a week or two after it airs, and I should be able to share more pictures and information. In the meantime...

[UPDATE - June 1, 2011: The commercial is on the air, click here for more details.]

R2 arrived about an hour early, before his noon call time.

As always, R2 made quick friends with cast and crew.

R2 waits in the wings, as the crew sets up the next shot.

Setting up a reverse shot, over R2's shoulder, after having done the front-facing shot.

Aaaand... action!

If I find out more precisely when and where the commercial will air, I'll follow-up. Hopefully it will be on the web as well.

Next up, road trip!


x said...

Very cool

Jessica said...

I 2nd that Very Cool & raise it with an awesome you lucky dog you....

Can't wait to see the commercial. Down fall is I don't watch much TV.

Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

Does this make you an honorary member of ILM having built what is now a screen used Lucasfilm droid! :-D Very Cool!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks all. I'll take any honorary title I can get.