Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finished Mist Can (and Car Key Found)

I wanted to paint the booster covers today, but in the morning it was drizzling, and in the afternoon it was very breezy, so no painting today. Instead, I went back to Mike's to retrieve all my stuff from yesterday, including the modified mist can.

With the JB Weld on the trigger having dried overnight, I attached the paper clip from the solenoid to the trigger rod, and it works great. I will need to transfer this cap each time I move on to another can of mist, but that's not a big deal.

On another subject, the missing car key from yesterday's R2LA build day was located! During last night's search, Mike and I speculated on one of the scenarios, and it turns out it happened: It got scooped up in the newspaper that was used during David's frame glue-up. The newspaper went home with him, as did the key. It was found and returned today. That's a relief!

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