Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painted Shim Layers, Started Painting Horseshoes, Ankle Bracelets, Prepped Legs for Painting

Today it was time to start painting the rest of the aluminum-colored areas of droid #2.

First, I needed to mask the horseshoes so that only the inside perimeter would be painted. I should probably be painting the pockets for the buttons and hydraulics aluminum-colored as well, but on droid #1 the pockets are white, and they will be for droid #2 also.

Here's the collection for today's painting effort.

I applied three coats of Krylon Chrome Aluminum to each part. I started with the horseshoe shims.

After applying a coat of white primer, I painted the inner perimeter of the horseshoes next.

I followed that with the top sides of the ankle bracelets.

I guess things had been going too smoothly, because when I painted the bottom sides of the ankle bracelets, I ran into my old nemesis, spiderwebbing.

I sanded the crinkles off, and reprimed. I will probably try again tomorrow.

I wrapped up the day by applying some more primer to all three legs.

Finally, i unmasked the horseshoes. I will mask the inner perimeter next, and paint the rest of the horseshoes white next.

Tomorrow I plan to do some more painting, and final preparation on the legs for their final painting.

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