Tuesday, April 26, 2011

JB Welded Ankle Bolt Bushings, Prepped Legs for Painting, Touched Up Foot Shell and Horseshoe, Primed Shim Layers and Ankle Bracelets

I got lots of little things done today. It's almost time to paint the legs, so I needed to take care of outstanding issues.

First on the agenda is sanding down some craters I created when I screwed down the booster covers.

A minute or two with 400 grit sand paper took care of that. I also masked the leg strut holders to avoid getting paint on them.

Next up, sanding the outer surface of the bushings that hold the ankle bolts, in preparation for JB Welding them into the ankle bolt holes. I used 220 grit sand paper to rough them up.

I rolled each bushing in JB Weld.

Then, into the ankle bolt hole it goes. Of course, I cleaned up the excess JB Weld afterward.

Months (years?) ago when I first inserted the bushing, I managed to chip the wood a bit on one side of one of the legs.

I finally got around to filling the void with Evercoat.

While I have the Evercoat handy, I worked on fixing the visible seams on one of the foot shells I painted the other day.

While the JB Weld dried, I applied primer to the ankle bracelets and shim layer of the horseshoes. I use white primer for parts that get painted aluminum. Only the edge of the shim layer gets primed and painted.

I then sanded smooth the Evercoat on the tip of the ankle and the foot shell.

I also noticed that a portion of one of the alignment dowels on one of the horseshoes is slightly visible, near the corner.

I whipped up some more Evercoat and covered that up.

I applied white paint to the footshell repair, and it looks good.

I sanded smooth the Evercoat on the horseshoe.

Finally, I applied some primer. I think this is good enough. I may apply a little more primer and sand it smoother, but I don't think it requires any more filling.

I hope to finish preparing the parts for painting and then start painting in the next couple of days.

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