Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unmasked Aluminum Paint on Outer Ankle Cylinders, Attached More Dome Panels

Tonight I unmasked the aluminum portion of the paint job on the outer ankle cylinders. I hope to get to the blue this weekend.

Next, I continued attaching the dome panels. I had put off attaching the panels that have stuff going through them, like logic displays, and the panels that I plan to attach with silicone.

I mounted the rear logic surround to act as an alignment guide for exactly where to place the dome panel that goes around it. I then placed the VHB tape on the inner dome.

I also placed some tape near the corners and the top edge of the back of the panel.

And on it goes.

Two more panels get attached in this area; a long, thin strip at the bottom, and a side piece on the left.

Looks okay.

Next up, the pie panel that goes around the top holoprojector. As with the rear logic surround, I attached a holoprojector in place to act as a panel placement guide.

Unlike the other five dome panels, this panel has its tape placed on the back of it, rather than on the inner dome.

And on it goes as well.

Next up, the panel that goes around the front logics. I am attempting to use silicone for this one.

Hopefully the silicone will cure and all will be well. I considered taping the panel down overnight, but the logic surrounds seem to be doing a good job of keeping the panel in place.

Finally, I attached the picture frame panel, also using silicone.

This panel I am taping in place, since there isn't anything to keep it anchored.

You'll notice that I haven't attached the panel that goes above the picture frame panel. I'm almost certainly going to repaint that one again. That darn spec of dust bugs me, and I figure I might as well just take care of it.

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