Friday, February 11, 2011

Continued Dome Work, Masked Outer Ankle Cylinders for Blue Paint

Back to work on the dome.

First, I carefully removed the masking tape from the picture frame panel. I'm happy to report that the silicone cured, and it is holding this panel on nicely (so far, at least). The panel around the front logics also appears to be staying in place.

Next, I started installing the electronics. The front logics were already installed from last night's work.

I installed the battery holders. These will hold six D-cell batteries to provide a long-lasting 9 volt power supply to the dome electronics.

I then installed my J.E.D.I. rear logics.

Next up, the holoprojectors. As with droid #1, I am using a little bit of felt to help tighten up the HPs, so they don't droop when the droid hits a bump and such.

I harvested several clips from RC 25 chain links.

I then attached those clips to the screws that I JB Welded onto the inner dome, and used #4 nuts to lock down the HPs, with the clips from the chain links. Gotta love the R2 Builders Club logo on the back of the HPs!

I cheated and placed a temporary piece of plastic over the hole of the front PSI, and here is the current state of the front of the dome.

Here is the back area of the dome. Still a few holes to fill for the power buttons and rear PSI.

Finally, I wrapped up by masking the outer ankle cylinders for blue painting tomorrow. I will also repaint (yet again) the small panel that goes above the picture frame panel.

I still need to finish hooking up the electronics inside the dome, I hope to get to that tomorrow as well.

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