Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finished Working on Foot Shell Door Holders

Tonight I wrapped up work on the foot shell door holders.

I started by cutting eight segments of PVC for the bottom of each foot shell door. These are a little wider than the segments I cut last night for the tops of the doors.

I then did a loose fit of each segment to see where it should be located, and to mark the point at which to drill.

I measured 5/16" on each nail that I'm using to secure the PVC segments, as this is the length to which the nails will be trimmed.

I used pliers to cut the nails to size.

Next, I drilled 1/16" holes through each of the PVC segments, just wide enough to allow the nail to fit snugly through.

I set the drill press stop to go as deep as the upper 1/8" layer on the inside of the foot shell door. The PVC segments are also 1/8" thick. The 5/16" length I cut the nails to allows for a little slack.

I then drilled all the points that I had marked earlier.

I hammered the nail segments through the PVC segments, such that they barely showed through to the other side of the PVC segments.

Then I finished the job by nailing the PVC segments to the inside of each foot shell door, where had I pre-drilled the 1/8" deep holes.

Looks like it works! Both doors on the center foot shell are locked in. To release the doors, the bottom PVC segments are simply pivoted 90 degrees.

As are the doors on both outer foot shells.

There is still plenty of painting to do. I hope the weather cooperates this weekend, but that doesn't look very hopeful at the moment.

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