Monday, November 15, 2010

Drilled Mounting Holes for Ankle Details

Tonight I drilled the backs of the ankle details, to accommodate the toothpicks(!) that I will use to mount them to the legs. I didn't drill the matching holes on the legs yet, because I haven't painted the legs, and I don't want to drill small holes now, only to gunk them up with paint later.

I dug out my old paper drilling template

I taped the template onto the back of the resin ankle detail, and got to drilling. I'm using a #43 (0.0890") drill bit that matches my toothpick selection. I drilled about half way deep into the resin.

The toothpick fits snugly. This works surprisingly well, I've had the ankle details held on this way on droid #1 for over three years and they are holding fast. I got the idea from Mike Senna, and his ankle details have been good for something like eight years.

Sixteen holes later, and I'm done.

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