Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More Center Foot Channel Work

Tonight I had some time to work on the opposite side of the center foot channel that I worked on the other day.

The far side is peeking up above the wooden center foot channel.

I started sanding this down with 150 grit sand paper.

I used a small square file for the corners.

Oh no! Just as I was close to finishing, the glued-on styrene cracked! The right half came out.


Well, I glued the broken piece back in place, but I may have accidentally rotated it from its original orientation. Some people can talk on the phone while droid building, but apparently I can't.

Well, rotated or not, I sanded it smooth as best I could.

I will hit this with primer soon and see if it needs further sanding and/or filling. Then R2 can put his best foot forward, so to speak.

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