Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finished Work on Foot Hoses

Today I finished up the last of the foot shell hoses. It was pretty much a replay from yesterday: Cut hose to size, pull out original inner tube, replace with slightly smaller tube, install knurled fittings.

I picked up some some #6 knotting anchors to help push the inner tube out against the braided hose.

The tip at the end is sealed, so I temporarily screwed the #6 screw in from the opposite side to open it up first.

I then reoriented the screw into the other side of the anchor and started screwing it in place in the anchor, with the whole thing inside the vinyl tube. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to keep the anchor from rotating as I turned the screw into the anchor.

As the screw gets turned further and further, the anchor starts to bunch up, causing the vinyl tube to bulge. This is what I want.

I jammed this back into the hose, and gave a few more turns with the screwdriver, and the anchor did its job. Everything is reasonably tight. If needed, a layer of masking tape around the vinyl tube could make things tighter, but right now I don't think that's necessary.

I wrapped up by starting on a little mystery project. I drilled through the nozzle of one of my cans of compressed air, just below the hole where the air comes out. I also drilled through another object, and used a nail to secure the object to the nozzle.

What could it be? You guys are a clever bunch, I'll bet you've already figured it out.


alanrw said...

Isn't that the autoprotect system from dimunitive agressors (the ones with tiny, curious hands covered in a sticky film of sugar base foodstuffs) ?


Victor Franco said...


I already have the autoprotect system, this is a variation on that.


Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

Very clever on the screw anchors! Will steal that idea!