Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Widened Lower-Left Hole for Eye on Dome

Well, now that the screws have been glued into the back of the eye, I tried fitting the eye onto the dome.

Three of the four screws are happy, but the screw on the lower-left hand corner is the trouble-maker. For whatever reason, it doesn't quite hit the matching hole on the dome.

I debated whether to pull the screw out, fill, and redrill, versus just slightly widening the hole on the dome. The only downside to widening the hole on the dome is that it's pretty much a permanent modification, but it's also pretty much guaranteed to solve the problem. Relocating the screw in the eye might still not result in a perfect match, so I decided to gouge the dome hole by an additional millimeter or two.

Now, all four screws in the back of the eye fit their respective holes.

Lots of painting in my future, including the eye.

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