Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Resin Parts Work

Today I emerged from Lazy Mode long enough to do a little prep work on some of my resin parts.

I hadn't yet washed the battery box harnesses, and some of the other resin parts needed a rinsing as well, so I (re)cleaned several parts.

The battery box harnesses each have a blob of resin on the bottom of the back side that need to be sanded off. A couple of the harnesses also need some filling work, due to bubbles taking a bite out of the corners.

A few minutes with 100 grit sand paper smoothes out the back of the harnesses.

Next, I gathered up all the parts that needed some filling work. I'm not going to fill the large void at the top-center of the ankle cylinders, since those are covered by the cylinder wedges.

I filled the bubbles in the corners of a couple of the harnesses.

The bottom edge of one of the half moons had some small wavy areas that needed to be filled. This is the problem child from May 5, 2010.

The first pass is done. Soon I'll sand the Evercoat smooth, and check to see if I need to make a second pass. I almost always do, so I'm expecting some minor additional work.

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