Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finished Mounting Radar Eye

Today I took another shot at mounting the resin radar eye to the dome. This attempt went much better than the previous one.

I want to make sure that the holes in the back of the eye are parallel with the holes that I drilled into the dome. Since I used a level as a guide to drill the holes into the dome, I again used a level to mark lines on the outside of the eye to guide me on how to align the drill bit.

Next, I set up the drill press to drill the holes at the right angle. That was as much fun as it looks. Adding to the fun house, the lid on the washer causes the wooden platform to tilt a bit, making the entire drill press lean slightly. It doesn't matter though, as long as the drill press itself is trued up. And since it's from Harbor Freight, you know it's of the highest quality...

I checked to make sure that the pencil mark was lined up with the drill bit.

A top-down look as I prepare to drill into the hole I filled with JB Weld after my first attempt at this.

I continued, checking each hole for correctness. I also checked the depth at which I was drilling. I am aiming for about half-way deep into the resin.

Okay, done. Time to try the fit on the dome.

An inside view.

Looks okay to me!

I think this will do.

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edwardo said...

Fantastic demo on how to do this... I think this is one of the most asked questions on how to do at!