Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today was the big day, R2LA VIII.

We had about 16 or so droids come and go throughout the day, and a few dozen builders and friends & family attend. The group was a bit smaller this year, probably because we just lived through CV a couple of months ago, and some folks either didn't bring their droid, or only brought one instead of multiple droids (as was the case with me, leaving the in-progress droid #2 at home).

As usual, there was a lot of hanging around and general droid talk.

And also as usual, we were webcasting the event. We even had Chicken Cam running for a while, for a bird's-eye view.

Marc Verdiell demonstrated his most impressive 2-3-2 system.

Mike Senna had his WALL•E head on display and demonstrated it.

One thing that didn't go quite as smoothly as planned was the much-anticipated chicken race. The idea was for Mike's four chickens to race to the finish line, and the R2 Builder that picked the winner would get an illustrious trophy that Mike was working on.

Unfortunately, the chickens didn't cooperate much. The chicken named "Curry" was the winner. (And virtually the only chicken to make it to the finish line.)

As the evening went on, things got sillier. Max was the Oogie Boogie man from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Michael McMaster gave us a preview of one of the chapters on the CV DVD, namely George Lucas' visit to the R2 Builders Room. That was fun to see.

As the hour drew late, I wrapped up my contribution to the webcam trio, packed up my droid, and headed on home.

Another year, another successful R2LA. Looking forward to when we all meet again!

The full photoset is here.


* said...
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Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

Looks like a blast! wish I lived closer... somehow I missed the webcast... didn't know that was happening! maybe next time! thanks for the pic link!

Bith said...

Great recap Victor! It was fun chatting with the young folk about the Prequels and Jar-Jar! I wish these happened quarterly -- I'm utterly hooked. Can I steal a photo or two? I'll give credit, of course. -- Liz

Victor Franco said...

Liz, it was nice seeing you too. Keep an eye out for potential R2LA builders days, Mike usually has one or two a year between R2LA events.

Feel free to grab and share pictures.


Bith said...

Will do! And thanks! :-D -- Liz