Monday, September 27, 2010

Marked Dome Ring for Drilling

Tonight I marked up the dome ring for where I'm going to drill the holes to mount the electronics.

The first thing to do is secure the dome tightly to the ring. I used my Quick Grip clamps for this, taking advantage of the various holes in for the HPs, PSIs and logics.

Next, I located my base plates made from flat sheets of PCV that I will use to mount the electronics to the dome ring. I marked the outline once I found the exact spot of the each part; in this case, the front logics.

All done marking. I didn't mark the area where the batteries and power distribution blocks will go, since they don't have to match corresponding spots on the dome.

This is the layout that I plan.

One of the holes for the Rockler bearing is covered up by the base plate for the front PSI. Thus, an extra hole will be drilled through its base plate. I was careful to avoid the Rockler bearing mounting holes for the other parts that getting mounted on the ring.

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