Saturday, September 11, 2010

JB Welded Front Logic Surround Screws on Inner Dome

Today I finally got around to JB Welding in the screws in place that are intended to secure the front logic surrounds to the inner dome.

The first step is to sand the holes in the dome, along with the screw heads, to provide extra surface area for the JB Weld to grab onto.

Then, it's a simple matter of applying JB Weld to the screw heads and putting them in place.

If some of the JB Weld overlaps the threads too much, I'll use a utility knife later to scrape it off.

Hoping we won't have an earthquake overnight as this dries.

So... one more thought on all this. I won't know if the screws are all pointing in the perfect direction to mount the front logic surrounds until tomorrow. They very well might not. If they don't, I am tempted to just whack the screws out with a hammer, cover the holes with JB Weld, sand it smooth and paint it silver, and abandon screwing the front logic surrounds in place.

I didn't screw the front logic surrounds in place on droid #1, instead, they are pressed into place from behind. If I'm not successful with today's approach, then I'm going to back out and do it the same way as with droid #1.

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Gunbu said...

Sorry to hear the screws didn't work out Victor. I actually am at that point too on the dome. When I counter sunk the holes for the front logic surrounds, they peek out a little when the outer dome is on. I may have to break out the evercoat as well!