Monday, September 06, 2010

Drilled Inner Dome for Front Logic Surrounds

Today I drilled the inner dome in order to mount the front logic surrounds.

Using a 0.118" drill bit, I used the markings I made the other day on the inside of the inner dome as my guide.

Once I was done drilling, I used some 3mm screws and nuts that I picked up yesterday to secure the logic surounds to the inner dome.

The key test: Would the outer dome panel actually fit over the surrounds, once they were screwed down? Fortunately, the answer was yes.

The next test was to try the fit with the outer dome in place. In order to do that, I had to countersink the screw holes. Four down, four to go.

Fortunately, everything appears to line up well. The only think I don't like is that I can see the edges of a few of the screws peeking out from underneath the outer dome. These aren't so noticeable from a couple of feet away, but you can seem them when zoomed up close.

Before I continue, I either need to buy shorter screws, or at least cut these down. I'm inclined to buy shorter screws. Then I can JB Weld them in place.

I need to paint the inner dome area around the rear PSI, and then I'll be ready to bond the two domes together with silicone.


Paul said...

If those bother you know, I'd cover it up now. The screw holes from bottom of my front HP are visible a *tiny bit*...namely because the 300mm dome ring is too thin. Its the first thing I notice on my droid....but that's how us builders are.

Not to add to your anxiety....but just saying! =)

Victor Franco said...

I hear ya Paul. I will see if I can figure out a way to better conceal these. If you have any suggestions, fire away.