Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Started Sanding First Battery Box

Today I pulled out the second pair of PVC battery boxes that I received from Craig Smith way back in April, 2006, so that I could begin the process of sanding them smooth.

The battery boxes were already in very good condition, but there is some minor roughness that needs to be sanded down. I started with 400 grit.

The front side is done.

Time to work on the back.

That's done too.

On Craig's recommendation that I also followed on droid #1, I used 600 grit sand paper to wet-sand the battery box.

I left just a tiny bit of roughness to give the primer something to bite into, but all in all, the 600 grit wet sanding leaves things pretty smooth.

I didn't have time to finish this battery box, so I'll pick up where I left off next time.

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