Sunday, August 08, 2010

Droid Load-Up Day

Today was droid load-up day at Mike's. Let us pause for a moment to pay homage and bask in the glory that is Damien Metz' customized R2 Trailer.

Okay, now we can proceed. Jerry Chevalier's two droids were already onboard, as were Chris Romines' and Max Cervantes' droids when the trailer arrived at Mike's. Next, Mike's droid went on, followed by mine.

I wheeled my platform out to the truck, slightly (ok, more than slightly) nervous about seeing my droid off on the longest road trip of his existence.

Similar to packing your own parachute, you load your own droid onto the trailer.

All the droids seem to have their own baby blankets, including mine.

William and Nikki Miyamoto arrived with HAL1138, and little Zoe's droid that William started building just three months ago.

If three months sounds like a quick build time, Guy Vardaman managed to build a two-legged R2 in just two weeks! This droid will be part of the Dagobah photo op area.

And finally, the doors swung shut, the locks were put in place, and it was time to bid our droids farewell, until we are reunited with them again in Orlando.

They grow up so fast!


Jessica said...

I love that trailer!

Gunbu said...

That is so awesome! A safe journey to you and the droids.

Anonymous said...

Lets start a pool to guess what fuel consumption Damien gets with a Hummer + that beautiful big trailer!!

Good luck to all you guys!


Kevin Zirkelbach said...

I like the pristine droid! it reminds me of the awards ceremony at the end of Episode IV!