Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CV Setup Day

Today was setup day for Star Wars Celebration V.

I was a little late to the party, but when I arrived in the R2 Builders room late this afternoon, I was very impressed to find dozens of droids already in their positions for the convention. The quality, quantity and variety of the droids in the room is just incredible. The members of this club are simply amazing. Here is a sampling of the droids on display.

I finally got to meet Calvin and Brenda Thomas and their daughter Crissy in person, and their droids as well, after following their blogs for several years now.

Darren Murrer and Cole Horton did an outstanding job creating the transporter that is actually drivable. This thing even has cameras on board, including backup cameras!

Cole poses with his droid.

Blake Mann has a fascinating display. I love the color scheme of this droid, from Episode IV. Blake also created a real functioning droid charging station like the one seen in Episode V, and also compiled a Droid Operator Handbook. Really outstanding work. Blake's droid is almost ready for the 2-3-2 transition (2 legs to 3 legs and back to 2 legs, for those unfamiliar with the lingo).

As for my droid, and the rest of the droids that traveled in Damien's trailer, I'm very happy to say they all have arrived safe and sound! Thank you to Damien Metz, and Mike Johnson and his wife for the Herculean non-stop drive from Las Vegas to Orlando! And my droid thanks you too!

The full photoset is here.

Tomorrow, the doors open to the public for the first time at 10:00am. Given that I'm really exhausted with the 3-hour time difference and the severe lack of sleep the last couple of days, I probably will roll in late again, but I look forward to seeing all the visitors in the R2 Builders room tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

WOW! ....again
Like the last event I bet the R2 club room will be the hit of the show...again.

WHO! built the floor panels the droids are on. Looks AWSOME!!!
Very exciting!

Good luck to everybody...wish I didn't have such a stink job, or I would be there too!!!


Victor Franco said...

Hi Russell,

Chris Simmonds from New York built the platforms. They look incredibly good, and really add something extra to the display.