Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cut Inner Dome for Front Logics

Tonight I got to work cutting the holes on the inner dome for the front logic surrounds. I had waited to cut these until I received my surrounds from David Shaw. I've actually had them for a little while now, but I'm just now getting around to the cuts.

Time to break out the Dremel and cut on the dotted (well, solid) line.

A few minutes later, and the top hole is done.

Moving on to the bottom hole, I used a new cutoff disc for the longer edges, and switched back to the smaller disc for the short edges.

That completes the last of the major cuts to the inner dome. At least, I think it does.

Since I cut right along the line, and the line represented a tracing around the outer dome panel for the front logics, the holes are slightly small. The cutoff wheel can be abused as a grinder/sander, to widen the holes and smooth out the edges.

After a little grinding, the bottom surround fits, but the top doesn't yet.

A little more grinding along the top hole solves that problem.

For some reason, I felt the need to square corners that will never be seen.

All done for tonight.

I think I still need to do a small amount of grinding on the crossbar between the two cutouts (it needs to be thinner). I may need to do some slight widening to make sure the outer panel both covers up the holes, and aligns with the rest of the outer dome properly, so some minor adjustments may be in order. I also need to drill the holes on the inner dome for the screws that will be used to secure the front logic surrounds.

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