Friday, August 06, 2010

Caster Wheels for Cart Platform

Well, from here on out it looks like it's going to be prep work for the run up to CV.

I was talking to Mike Senna, and he mentioned that it might behoove us to load our carts onto Damien Metz' droid trailer (assuming there is room), that is going to haul 10 droids across the country. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out, it's pretty amazing. (Photo shot by someone else, possibly/probably Damien.)

Mike further suggested that we put casters on the wooden platform that attaches to the cart, in the event that we need to push the droids around, rather than driving them.

I traced the casters' mounting holes.

Next, I drilled.

Finally, I bolted down the casters. The two casters that are in the front are swivel casters, the two in the back are fixed.

None of the casters have brakes, so I may or may not swap them out, or add a brake to them. I may also have to reposition some of them to ensure that the droid can be anchored to the platform. The old H&A drivetrain had mounting holes from when I prepped the platform for a parade, but these holes may not be in the location required by the Senna drivetrain.

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