Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finished Parade Platform, Car Platform

I finished up my two platforms-in-progress today.

First I chopped out a section of each 2x4 on the bottom of the platform that I normally have attached to the cart. This opens up the area for U-bolts to pass through.

These U-bolts are intended to bolt R2 to the platform via the axles in the drivetrain. The platform is upside-down here.

I tested this setup with R2 on the platform, and placed the U-bolts over the axles on the outer feet. I lifted the back of the platform off the floor using a spare 2x4, to help me reach the U-bolts so I could tighten the nuts. Everything looks good, R2 isn't going anywhere when he's bolted to this platform. He's parade-ready.

With that work out of the way, I was able to bolt the platform back onto the cart and call it done.

Next, I worked on finishing up the platform for the Droidmobile.

First, I drilled 3/8" holes into each end of a long 1x2.

Then, with R2 on the platform, I set the 1x2 before the front wheels of his outer feet, and drilled through the 3/8" holes and partially into the wooden car platform, in order to mark the platform for its pair of holes.

From there, I swapped out the 3/8" drill bit for a 7/16" drill bit, to accommodate the tee nuts I am using for this pair of holes. The tee nuts have a 7/16" outer diameter and a 3/8" inner diameter.

With the 7/16" holes drilled, I used a 3/8" bolt to drive the tee nuts into place from underneath.

Finally, I was ready to test-fit the whole thing in the car. I removed the floor panel above the spare tire, and set the platform in its place. The two short 1x2s are meant to stay in place permanently, as a backstop to the rear wheels of the outer feet. A pair of 3/8" diameter eye-bolts are inserted into the 3/8" holes I drilled in the long 1x2.

The idea is to load R2 into the Droidmobile with the long 1x2 removed, and then place the long 1x2 before the front wheels on the outer feet, and screw it down using the eye-bolts. I didn't have an opportunity to test this with R2 in the car, but he fit just fine out of the car, so I think this is good to go too.

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