Thursday, July 01, 2010

Styrene for Outer Foot Shell Skirt Corners

Today I returned to the outer foot shells. This time, it was to close some gaps in the corners of the skirt strips at the bottom of the shells.

Some of the gaps called for the spare styrene scraps from the window strip cutouts. I tested the fit first, and I could see I needed to sand the bottom to fit the angle where the filler piece would sit. (Sanding the angle took all of about five seconds.)

I then put the piece back in place, and marked from behind where it should be trimmed.

I used the inelegant hacksaw to cut the piece to size. I probably could have used the wire-cutter portion of my needle nose pliers, but I know at least one half of the styrene piece would have shot across the garage, never to be seen again.

One by one, I repeated the process for each corner, gluing the pieces in place as I went.

Some corners required just a thin layer of styrene to fill the gap. I cut scraps out of some spare 1/16" styrene that I had left over from the skirt build.

I'm using Testors glue once again for the styrene-to-styrene gluing.

I'll let this dry overnight and hopefully tomorrow I can sand any overhanging areas down to size, and then I'll move onto the Evercoat phase.

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