Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Logic Surrounds Arrive

Well, I have very little to show for myself lately. However, on a positive note, David Shaw's most recent work of art, the front and rear logic surrounds, arrived today.

I have been ridiculously busy with work and business travel recently (to my blog reader in Beaverton, OR, I drove through your scenic town on the highway) and have had very little time to work on droid #2. Things should start to ease up, so I hope to get some work in shortly.

One minor setback: The Proctor Glove casters that I'm using on the center foot for droid #1 will not fit into the center foot shell for droid #2. The center foot shell on droid #1 is cut about 1/4" longer than spec front-to-back, whereas the A&A footshells seem to be spot-on. I will either need to replace the 3"-diameter wheels with smaller ones, or try to find casters that fit.

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