Sunday, May 23, 2010

Started Gluing in Foot Shell Reinforcements

Today I worked on gluing in the reinforcements for the A&A foot shells on droid #2.

I dug into my cornucopia of PVC scraps left over from the scratch-built PVC foot shells on droid #1 to find some suitable candidates to act as reinforcement pieces.

Some of the smaller sticks act as reinforcements for inside corners of the center foot shell. They are already beveled to the proper angle, they just need to be cut to size.

Oatey PVC glue bonds them to the styrene.

Next, I worked on the reinforcements for the outer foot shells. In this case, I used the scraps from the channel cutouts. I had to cut them in half and trim them slightly to fit inside, since the inside of the footshell is smaller than the outside.

As with the center foot shell, I cut reinforcements for the inside corners of the outer foot shells as well.

I still want to add some reinforcement where the top of the curved PVC pipe meets the piece above it, but I'll probably have to wait until next weekend to cut those reinforcements to the size I need.

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