Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TeWinkle Middle School Read Aloud Day

R2 was overdue for an event, so around lunchtime I took him out for about an hour to TeWinkle Middle School in Costa Mesa, CA, to help promote Read Aloud day. R2 was joined by Obi-Shawn Crosby (and Yoda), and Judy Simons. The day paired up 8th graders and kindergartners. The 8th graders each read a book to the kindergartners. Over 1100 kids were in attendance in all, and filled a gym and another auditorium.

The three characters made their way to the gym, where they were met with much enthusiasm. Here's a little bit of video.

Shawn read a story to the kids, while Judy held the book, turned the pages, and displayed the current page to the kids that were watching and listening. Occasionally R2 beeped and whistled along.

Afterward, many of the kids ran over meet the characters up close, especially R2.

It was good to get R2 out for a little while. The full photoset is here.


Anonymous said...

I can't see the videos anymore, only two colored dots rotating.


Victor Franco said...

Hmm... it's working for me. Maybe it's a weird momentary glitch?


Gunbu said...

Those lucky kids! I went to junior high in Florida and the best guest visit there was from a guy named Okefenokee Joe who brought in a big fat water moccasin. I'd have rather seen R2!