Saturday, February 20, 2010

Started Drilling for HP Mounting

Today I started drilling the inner dome in order to mount the holoprojectors.

I had debated whether to use the mounting holes that are already on the HP cowlings, or to do what I did for droid #1 and use clips along the edges of the cowlings. In the end, I opted to use clips for a couple of reasons. First, if somehow the locations I drilled to match the holes in the cowlings were off, it could lead to problems, such as the outer dome not accommodating the inner dome's location of the HPs. Second, if I ever were to swap HPs, the holes might be in a different location, and using clips along the edge gives me more flexibility.

With that decision made, I laid out the parts on the top side of the inner dome to compare where I'd need to drill for the HP mounting, while avoiding the holes I had already drilled for future removal of the dome panels.

Next, I traced the outline of the cowling.

I located where I wanted to drill the hole for the clip. In this case (as with droid #1), the clip is a link piece for RC-25 chain. There will be four of these per holoprojector.

I will be using #4 1/2" machine screws, so I grabbed the appropriately sized drill bit and got to work.

Next, I countersunk the holes.

Eventually the screws will be JB Welded in place, but for now I did a loose fit.

I sanded down the mess inside.

Time to give it a try. Everything is looking good on the inside.

I like!

I only had time to finish one of these, I hope to get to the others tomorrow.

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