Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finished Drilling Dome (for Now), Started JB Welding HP Screws

Today I finished most of the hacking on the inner dome. The only thing I'm deferring until later is the cutouts for the front logic surrounds. I'm awaiting an upcoming run.

The first item of business was to finish countersinking the holes for the #4 screws that will secure the holoprojectors.

Next, I drilled a couple of "just in case" holes on each side of the two buttons on the back of the dome. I plan to use the same switches from Radio Shack on droid #2 that I used on droid #1, and these do not require mounting screws. But just in case I change my mind someday, I'll have a way of mounting an alternate set of buttons.

I needed to trim a little more space for the top of the rear logic, so I used the Dremel cutoff wheel for that.

I had put off drilling the 5/64" hole at the very top of the dome. I placed the panels on the dome, and marked and drilled the centerpoint.

After that, I located where to drill for the rear logic surround, and drilled the holes for #4 screws.

Next, I removed the dome ring and drilled the remaining holes that were too low to drill when the dome ring was still on.

My new, expensive colander.

Finally, I JB Welded four #4 1/2" in place for the top HP.

I plan to JB Weld the other screws in place during the week, and then I'll put the dome aside for a while, and probably move on to the feet.

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