Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Remasked Coin Slots

Tonight I remasked the coin slots that I had to clean up yesterday.

I have a new theory on what went wrong with yesterday's paint job. I think it might be that when I applied the blue masking tape to the lower areas in between the slots, the adhesive rubbed on the sides of the slots, leaving a residue that led to the spiderwebbing when I applied the purple layer.

This picture is repeated from the Friday, October 2, 2009 blog entry:

It's hard to tell due to the reflections, but the blue tape is only on the very top and very bottom areas of the part. For the very bottom areas, I cut the tape much larger than necessary, and then trimmed it to size. This meant that the excess tape had a tendency to rub against the side walls of the slots.

I decided to not mask the bottom areas this time, to avoid this problem. Unlike the first time I masked this part, this time I decided not to unmask the slot openings themselves. I don't really notice the insides of the slots on droid #1, so I won't miss this with droid #2.

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