Monday, October 05, 2009

Glued Strut Holders, Painted Utility Arms and LDP

Today I was able to put a little time in on droid #2.

First, I finally got around to gluing down the leg strut holders. These support the lower cylindrical part of the leg struts, and are glued down inside the ankle.

The fit seems pretty good.

Next, I began painting the parts that I prepped yesterday. I started with the Rustoleum Metallic Purple on the large data port and coin slots.

Unfortunately, I got some spiderwebbing on the coin slots (grr!), so I abandoned painting them.

Out came the acetone, to strip the part bare again. There goes all that masking. :(

I wanted to see if I could figure out what goes on when the paint spiderwebs. I removed some of the paint, and it looks like something went wrong with the primer, because the spider web pattern seemed to follow areas where the primer didn't fully cover the metal. That's strange, because visually, I had 100% coverage.

Just before painting, I did lightly sand the primer with 400 grit sand paper and then I wiped it down, but perhaps I either sanded too much or left some dust behind. Oh well.

I finished the cleaning with a toothbrush. That's gonna taste awful later!

Painted parts are happy parts.

I'll let these stink up the garage overnight, and I may or may not try to remask and reprime the coin slots soon.

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