Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Utility Arm Pivot Point Micro-Adjustments

Lest I give the impression that I know what I'm doing, I needed to perform some minor fixes on the pivot point holders for the utility arms. Once everything is glued down and screwed down, sometimes everything doesn't line up perfectly. You don't have to be off by much to run into trouble.

Last night I applied a little JB Weld to the MDF holders on the bottom utility arm, the hole seems to be a bit too wide, or at least forcing the rod over a bit helps keep the arm from running into the skins.

Today I used a utility knife to scale the JB Weld back a little, and smoothen it out. The end results is that the bottom arm swings open and closed without bumping into the skins.

For the top utility arm, I found that the bottom pivot point bracket's hole was a bit too large, there was a slight gap between the rod and the bracket. It's hard to see, but it's there.

I decided to glob a little JB Weld into the hole. I will sand to fit as necessary once this is dry, and then hopefully the top arm will be swinging freely as well.

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