Saturday, August 22, 2009

Started Sanding Eye to Dome Profile

Today I continued working on the resin eye, this time beginning to fit it to the dome profile.

First I blindfolded R2 with masking tape, to protect the area from scratches as I worked.

Then, it was mainly a matter of placing a half sheet of 150 grit sand paper sandwiched between the dome and the eye, and sanding down the edges of the back of the eye. I was careful to keep the sandpaper taut against the dome, so as not to sand creases into the edges of the eye (which I almost did on droid #1).

Once things looked pretty close, I removed the tape and checked the fit against the dome.

The top and bottom edges are nice and snug, but the left and right edges could use just a little more work.

Mike Senna once gave me some particularly good advice, along the lines of, "Sometimes, you gotta know when to put down the tools and call it a day." This point in the day was just about that time.

However, I decided to Dremel out some material from the back of the eye to help bring the lens further forward. I made a mess of things in the back of the eye, but I don't think I've done any real damage. It just looks sloppy, because it is.

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