Sunday, July 12, 2009

R2 LA Builder Weekend July 2009 - Day 2

Round 2 of the R2LA Builders Weekend.

Roy Powers and I took a shot at working on our A&A footshells.

Meanwhile, webmaster Chris Ellerby worked on his breadpan inserts.

Lots of sharing of info and knowledge all around.

Roy got further on the footshells than I did. The glue was drying very slowly, I may try some glue intended specifically for styrene before continuing work on my A&A footshells.

Matthew Henricks and I tried gluing the styrene to my wooden skirt, but again we had some problems with the glue, even when using accelerator. I'll revisit this too later, with better glue.

What did Mike work on? His chicken feeder for the four chickens running around his backyard.

As always, a great time and a fun weekend.

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