Monday, June 08, 2009

Drivetrain Work

This evening I made a more permanent fix to my temporary drivetrain fix from yesterday's event.

As I mentioned yesterday, I pulled a piece of the keystock from the axle and gear on the right, where the dark void appears between the gear and the axle.

I returned the piece of keystock to its original location, and proceeded to cut a new piece for the main gear and axle that is chained to the motor.

I placed the new piece of keystock into the keyway that is cut into the axle. After consulting with Mike Senna over the phone, I decided that rather than JB Weld the key segment in place (which would make it difficult to ever remove the axle again), I banged on the keyway with a hammer, just beyond where the end of the key segment ends. This makes it so the key segment cannot not slide out again. (Boy, those wheels sure are grimy!)

With the gear back in place, the key segment cannot move anymore, so I'm not worried about it coming loose again.

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